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Spending time with my family, eating lots of chocolate and hot cross buns. I’m not really religious in that sense but who doesn’t love a gr8 hot cross bun?


Because they are evil


We tend to do a huge shop up of fresh fruit and veggies once a week at our local market. It’s all cheap and not genetically modified so we buy in bulk there (see my Instagram), then tend to ‘top up’ on some things throughout the week as we need them, for example if we need an extra lettuce for dinner or we’re out of almond milk for mums coffee - one of us will pop by the local shops on the way home and grab whatever we need. Maybe you could offer to do the shopping yourself if there’s something you need but your mum doesn’t want to? I don’t think twice per week is excessive, but I can imagine after a long day of work and or whatever duties she has, she may not want to! If it’s a money thing, try to buy more in bulk and look for specials and discounts, check out what markets you have around you and keep an eye on upcoming deals. Always buy seasonally!


I don’t eat avocado so I can’t be much assistance on this one I’m afraid! Followers plz help a girl out and comment below? Otherwise I’m sure google will have the answers! :)

i miss when you’d go out and see harry potter posters on huge billboards and bus stops and ads on tv and you’d cross your fingers at the cinema that they would play the trailer for the next film and count down the days until the new book would be released


No haha I wasn’t writing about myself :) This was an account that a few of us on here grew close to, her url was ‘eateverymealtoheal’.


  • Rosie (cleanbodyfreshstart)
  • Anna (annabanana-1)
  • Ally (agirlnamedally)
  • Essena (essenaoneill)
  • Jo (josephxkendrick) THIS IS HAPPENING SOON AHHH

p.s. why do you all live out of the country?!?! 4/5 are in Australia. You know this just means I need to come to Australia ASAP

If 4/5 of us live in Australia I think it’s clear that YOU are the one living out of the country and yes you should come here immediately so we can all hang out.

PS I am so excited to add Essena to that list I always knew that was only a matter of time. Such a compassionate being.