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Went to a raw vegan cafe
Met Louis Cole/funforlouis
Had many fresh fruits
And the best dates ever
Late night cards and wine
Lunch at a rad sushi place
Shopping in vintage stores
Wandering the streets and pretending to be a Cheetah Girl


Can I ask what makes you feel that way? You are entitled to perceive me on any way you like, I would just like to make sure you aren’t misconstruing my words.

I am a vegan because I believe I am not any more superior than another living being, or any other part of our planet. I am passionate about ending cruelty towards others, and about finding a sustainable way for earth to survive. I am also passionate about self love, second hand shopping, feminism, travel, food and many other things.

In the past, and probably for a great deal of the future, I am passive about cruelty free living. I try my best to embody it myself, but fear ‘preaching’ to the rest of the world. Sometimes the reality of the situation overwhelms me, and I feel guilty that I’m not doing everything in my power to make this world a better place. For the most part, I choose to simply lead my life and hope that is enough to make an impact, but if somebody comes to my blog seeking help, guidance, support or words of advice, I am going to be 100% honest and genuine in my response.

Speaking up for what I believe in isn’t something I’ve always been able to do, and I’m very proud that recently I’m strengthening that ability. I still love and respect you just the same, I have merely aligned my behaviours with what I believe to be right.

My knowledge that I in fact am NOT better than anyone else, no more worthy of life, kindness, love or basic rights, is the reason I choose to love this way. The same reason I believe in marriage equality, feminism and equality between races. I hope you can understand that. xx


First of all, congratulations on being vegan for 8 months, what a great journey so far. It’s been 8 months for me too and I can’t wait to say 1 year/5 years/20 years etc.

Sadly, yes. It does get me down sometimes. I tend to be quite inward and introspective a lot of the time, and ponder the actions of myself, the world around me and what we are doing. Usually I’m able to keep that all under wraps, but sometimes it can escape out. I remember once in the car with my dad, I think we had driven past some baby lambs or he had mentioned how cute they are, and I became overwhelmed with emotion, and through tears tried to explain how even though he didn’t kill them with his own bare hands, he (with the combined effort of billions of other people) was regularly responsible for their torture and deaths.

Just a week ago on our first night in Italy, we were looking for somewhere to have dinner and one of the girls chose a place just near our apartment for a quick feed. Almost immediately after sitting down, they started bringing us out platter after platter of - for lack of a better word- ‘seafood’. Their main course included a variety of fishes, calamari, prawns and so forth. I thought I had handled it well, but ended up having a bit of a cry/talk to Kara about it in the middle of the night when neither of us could sleep. In that moment I realised how incredibly lucky I am, to have been sheltered from so much of that cruelty in the past 8 months. Before I became vegan myself I was ignorant to the actions occurring behind closed doors, and after is made that change, I have spent most of these months not having been confronted with too much of it. My family have been wonderful, open to vegetarian recipes and since then becoming plant-based themselves. Most of my close friends are, or have since become, predominantly plant based or at least eat that way when we’re together. For me, it was easy to overlook the suffering. Not forget it, because I obviously still know it’s going on, but almost shield myself from the idea, as we did back when we still consumed animals, knowing full well how they got to our plate.

It truly is heartbreaking to feel like you’re the only one (or part of a small majority) who thinks this way. I’m not sure which hurts more, the idea that people are intentionally ignorant to it, or that they know and choose to endorse and support those practices anyway. It’s painful, and seeing loved ones participate in those things is even more so, but please don’t ever let it deter you.

It’s natural to be sad. We see suffering and massacre on an organised, profited level every single day. It’s corrupt and inhumane. But what you’re choosing to do, refraining from taking part when it would be all too easy just to go with the masses, is what gives me hope.

Hope for our society and our world. Hope that someday, maybe we can fix this messed up way of living and save our planet. Hope that there is goodness and compassion in the hearts of all people.

Just keep living your life, be kind to all, and spread your message of love. Even if just to one other person, that is enough. One person is enough to change the world. I’m here for you, I’m here with you. Don’t ever give up on yourself, the animals or your fellow human beings. It took us almost our whole lives until now to realise the truth, we mustn’t judge anyone else who hasn’t found it yet for themselves.

I love you and I love that you love Harry Potter too. Stay strong!


To be honest, no, death doesn’t scare me. It used to though, as a kid I couldn’t think of anything more terrifying than dying. It’s this great big unanswered question and realm of unknown, but moreover who wants to stop living???

Now, I’m at peace with the idea. I know that it’s part of our natural cycle here on earth, every bit as much as being born. I do hope that when it’s my time, it can be painless, I think we’d all ideally choose to pass on as very old ages, perhaps surrounded by our loved ones.

What scares me so much more than death, is life. Death is certain, permanent and fixed. But life? There’s nothing more uncertain. I’m terrified of making a wrong move, and altering the course or direction of my personal journey. I’m terrified of not having dreams to chase - or worse, having dreams but failing to chase them. Death seems like a dream in comparison to heartbreak, loss, failure, loneliness, ill physical or mental health, enduring the suffering of others or your own… Why death is merely a peaceful, eternal sleep for the dead. It’s those left behind who have to keep on going.

This probably sounds really morbid, but I hope you can understand that’s really not where I’m coming from. I love life, and I’ve simply decided that whatever comes after it will be either a fantastic new adventure, or at the very least - peace and rest. Here, there is joy, love, excitement and wonderful fun to be had, but I fear more the moments we live outside of those places.

My fear would be reaching the moment of my death, whether that be one week from now or in eighty years, and having regrets that I didn’t wholly and abundantly live the life I wanted to.