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Thanks so much anon :) That I do. I’m very interested in how the mind works and how we can work on changing it. There’s actually a field called positive psychology that I might want to work in someday. I’ve learned recently that my empathy can almost be to a fault/detrimental, so I would just have to figure out a way to take care of myself whilst working with clients and patients too. I think it would be incredibly rewarding! x


This is one of the best messages I’ve ever received. Nothing makes me happier than you doing things to make YOU happy. I’m so so glad you’re doing this, you’re going to look (and feel) absolutely amazing. Very Alexa Chung circa 2010. Proud of you pal xx

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i had juice and cereal everywhere in europe and people thought it was so weird

KARA AND KAYLA JUDGED ME SO MUCH FOR THIS. Heck yeah. I was going to make the most of those hostel breakfasts. I’ve found my favourite combo is usually watermelon juice or OJ.


EEEEP HOW EXCITING. I am so jealous and very much want to come along with you. Can I sneak into your case?

It’s going to be somewhat chilly in NYC, around 15-17 degrees celcius max each day, so I would pack a couple of pairs of jeans, a couple of pairs of boots, a coat or two, knit jumpers, dresses, tights and some comfy tops (maybe long sleeves button ups, a groovy turtleneck if you have one).

I find in New York it’s best to layer, as no matter how cold it gets outside, as soon as you enter a building the heater will be pumping and you’ll want to shed a couple of items - so don’t go out in just a jumper with nothing underneath! 

Also it depends where you’re from in terms of whether this is ‘cold’ for you, you might be from Queensland, used to 35 degree days, or somewhere in Canada where anything above 0 is hot.

Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes! You’ll likely be on your feet for a large part of each day, so if you can wear runners, sneakers, good quality boots or sandals with support - you’ll be ace.

Have an amazing time and tell me all about it when you get back!

Go see a Broadway show or ten - say hi to Rupert Grint, Tavi Gevinson and Idina Menzel for me <3


I apologise if that term has offended you or made you feel uncomfortable anon, I didn’t mean for it to do so, but do think it applies. For example, those who eat tomatoes are ‘tomato eaters’, the same goes for ‘banana eaters’, ‘mushroom eaters’ and yes, ‘meat eaters’. There’s no such thing as a regular diet. At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 per day. Mormons don’t have caffeine or alcohol, Seventh Day Adventists don’t eat meat, and (most) Buddhists in Vietnam may eat meat, but they cannot kill it or watch it be killed themselves. There are vegans,vegetarians, pescetarians, people with allergies, intolerances, and those who simply cannot afford to eat animals. Even if the majority of the world’s cultures/people currently I think it’s quite passive and submissive to say that it’s just a regular diet, as we’re all still so different. It’s up to us to choose individually what we believe is right and to live in a way that demonstrates that.

I mentioned that the reason many/most meat eaters wouldn’t want to watch documentaries about animal cruelty is because they are shocking and quite unpleasant - I thought that was fairly straight forward. The films are shocking and unpleasant, because they show true, unaltered footage or the suffering we support. That is confronting for us as human beings. Again, that wasn’t an attack, simply a comment on what I believe to be true by experience and opinion. I’ve had at least 4 friends say that they want to watch Earthlings but not yet because they know they won’t be able to eat animals after that and they aren’t ready to do so (some for health reasons, some because they were about to travel, etc). I didn’t say it was the only reason, but I’d say that was why I was nervous, and still to this day find it shocking and unpleasant! If there are other reasons, I’m definitely open to hearing them too :) x


At the breakfast buffet! Along with fruits and sometimes toast and cooked veggies. I’ll either have them with coconut milk, water or juice :)


They aren’t smarter, they just have different strengths. We’re all skilled in various areas of intelligence - whether that be with words, numbers, general knowledge, emotions, visual/spatial awareness and so forth. I’m rubbish at maths and dreadful at art interpretation, but can read what somebody else is feeling (EI) and deeply experience sympathy, empathy and so forth. You have your own talents and attributes, many that can’t be measured or defined by standardised testing. 

Don’t compare yourself to your friends, or anybody else. You are your own entity made up of unique traits and that is something to be celebrated. If you wish to improve on various areas of expertise, study them! Reading is a fantastic way to learn more, and practice makes perfect. Simple things like reading the paper or setting The Age (or local paper equivalent) as your homepage can make a difference in keeping up to date with current events, you can watch documentaries and read non-fiction books, anything that challenges or grows you. My favourite way of learning is to experience. To see the world and meet people and share stories.

Don’t ever strive to become others. Strive to be the best version of yourself. (Side note: you’re already pretty great in my eyes)


I’m not sure why but this made me smile a lot :) I have no idea if the way I say it is specific, but I like that you think this way! Love from Dally to Ponyboy xx

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Sorrrry not 3 haha but those are some cool kids I chat with online or admire from afar :) I would like them all to be in walking distance please