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I’m so sorry to hear this anon :( Depression is absolutely awful for the individual but can take a big toll on loved ones around them too. If your mum isn’t already seeing someone, it would be a really good idea to do so. It would also be good for you to speak with someone, either your doctor or a different trained professional, who can help understand and assist in what you’re going through. Living in a toxic environment could definitely make both of your situations deteriorate, so try to be open, honest and explain to your dad (calmly/politely) what is happening. He loves you both and would only want for you to feel good, but sometime people don’t see or understand what is going un beneath the surface. It might be helpful for them to even see a counsellor together, as that provides a safe and healthy space to explore the things they are thinking and feeling in the hopes of finding a positive outcome.

I hope you all start to feel better soon, know that there are people who can (and want to) help you <3


I don’t think the media needs to or should go into why someone took their life, except to create some sort of outlet for 

a) people to better understand depression, self harm and suicide, and
b) people to seek help if they are experiencing any of these things

I do agree though that her death went almost unmentioned by most news platforms. This could be out of respect, but given the amount of exposure on Robin Williams and Joan Rivers passing I don’t think that’s the case, we don’t have an issue with reporting celebrity passings. I understand some people think it’s been glazed over because she was black, and that may be a factor, but I also think she just wasn’t well known enough for it to be a front-page continuous news headline. Honestly, I often really find articles on celebrities deaths quite insensitive, especially those that are caused by depression and suicide. They shouldn’t go into details of how they physically committed the act, if they want to report on it they should speak about the things they achieved, how loved they were, what an awful thing mental illness is to experience and how anyone struggling can get help. We really just need to raise the awareness and reduce the stigma attached to it, and we definitely need to stop saying things like “oh but she was so beautiful” and “she had everything, how could she be depressed?”. Even her band members had no idea what was going on, but she was obviously very deeply pained. Hopefully she can be remembered in a positive light, and inspire people to seek help before it’s too late.


Hi anon! Thank you so much for letting me know that, it is very thoughtful of you indeed. One of my best friends works at PA and I saw the stock when visiting her in store one day… I wasn’t impressed :( They should have let me design the HP line I think.


We do re-use the bags! But I love love love that you are so environmentally conscious. I also use this lunch box which fits them justttt perfectly :) Thank you so much x


Without, definitely without! I peel them, break them into thirds (easier to blend) and put them in zip-lock sandwich bags. I definitely wait til they’re ripe :) If there’s no brown spots, they aren’t ready to be eaten or frozen :)


I don’t even know how to answer this message or reply to those comments

I think my parents probably find me an embarrassment but I am very much relieved that you can see my true potential <3 <3 Let’s be friends indeed!


If your friends and boyfriend can’t enjoy your company without the help of alcohol, then they aren’t appreciating the true you.

You are free to decide whether or not you drink alcohol, and it doesn’t have to be a black/white lifelong decision, it can be as simple as deciding on the night, in the moment. If you are fine to never drink again and that will make you feel healthy and happy, hopefully the people who love you will support this and embrace how you want to spend your time. 

Why not suggest some plans for next time that you would enjoy? My friends and I love going out for dinner/breakfast, having movie nights, sleepovers and such. You could also go bowling, to the theatre, to a yoga class and so on :)

The last time I drank alcohol I think was one day in Venice when we got some kind of fancy cocktails because it was ridiculously hot, our feet were ridiculously sore and they were ridiculously cheap. I don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol very much and don’t feel the need to drink it, but every now and again I don’t mind! That’s my personal choice but it’s more than okay to have a different one. You don’t have to define yourself either way, just make choices that will make you feel like the best version of yourself <3