i open at the close.

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Yep! Just message me as you did now and don’t select ‘ask anonymously’ :)


Yeah I’d love to!! I would have to talk to the person before though, find out what they’re like and make sure it was safe :)



This is one of my all time favourite questions. You go glen coco.

Not thinking about the dynamic at all I would have;
David Attenbourough
Emma Watson
Tavi Gevinson
Tereasa Palmer
And Werner Erhard

Ps. Come off Anon I think we should be friends

Soph this is so awkward :/ :/ You forgot to put my name there


Haha no but I just looked at the lineup and it’s pretty cool! I’ll be in Europe at the time :)


Thank you so much :) I lovelove you for saying that.

I just got back from Sydney but I’m assuming you mean my mid-year trip?On the agenda is: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Vienna, Switzerland, Venice, Rome, Barcelona. I am so so excited! I’ll even be having dinner with Siobhan (iamnotover) and Anna (annabanana-1) one night in London!!!!


This made me incredibly happy to read! Thanks for brightening my night even more :) I hope you’re having a great one too <3 x


It’s horrendous. You can buy packaged, processed goods for half the price of fresh produce, no wonder the health of our world is so skewed. 

THIS is the kind of thing I want to fight, the motivation to make the planet healthier and make ethically sourced, nutritious food affordable for all. I guess every little bit of contributing to the supply/demand helps. Be the change you wish to see! 

If you can’t always afford to buy all that stuff don’t sweat it, I often can’t either. Look for fruit and veggies on special and check out your local farmer’s market - it can be a lot cheaper than you think <3